Students Doing Extracurriculars

Extracurricular Activities

At RLS, our classroom learning is supported by a robust array of extracurricular activities including inter-school sporting events, academic and athletic clubs, and musical and art opportunities.  This programming varies depending on the time of year and leadership interests.  Our focus is to enjoy fellowship, develop new skills and discover outside interests. RLS extracurricular offerings enrich the lives of our students as the emphasis remains on service to our community.


Student Playing Violin
One of the vital activities that allows our students the opportunity to serve others is through performances during the school year. Children choirs, school programs and band opportunities are available for students of all ages. Students involved in choir are encouraged to share their gifts at two RLC worship services each year as singing in worship has a tremendous, positive impact on the congregation. Additionally, elementary age children participate in two musical performances annually.

Private music lessons are available through Resurrection Lutheran Church Music School. Please contact Bob Unger, Music Director at 919-851-7271, ext. 25 or for information regarding this wonderful opportunity.