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At Resurrection Lutheran School (RLS), God is reflected in all that we do. The staff and faculty model Christian behavior and are committed to planting seeds in the hearts and mind of each child. We reach out with the love of Christ and welcome each student with an open heart as we work together to provide a safe, nurturing, challenging, disciplined, Christ-centered educational environment in the Lutheran tradition. 

**All RLS staff & faculty can be emailed directly by using their first and last name through the rlscary.org domain. For example, bobunger@rlscary.org.




Bob Unger, Interim Principal

Rosie Creasy, Director of Admissions/School Growth

Robin Hester, Academic Dean & Athletic Director

Deb Mahan, Financial Administrator & Marketing Assistant  (finance@rlscary.org)

Danielle Altieri, Technology Coordinator

Barbara Storum, Administrative Assistant

Lower Elementary Faculty

Cate Lanzisero, Junior Kindergarten

Jennifer King, Kindergarten

Louise Lewis, Kindergarten

Lindsey Hignite, 1st Grade

Jennifer Siouville, 1st Grade

Carey Reynik, 2nd Grade 



Upper Elementary Faculty

Heather Weiner, 3rd Grade

Stephanie Lee, 4th Grade

Amanda Powell, 5th Grade



Teaching Letters
Teacher Assistants

Amy Lyerly, TA

Lori Jones, TA

Penny Hancock, TA

Kristen Sanservino, TA


Middle School Faculty

Judy Boyle, Math

Sam Costello, Social Studies

Amanda Farmer, Math

Robin Hester, Religion

Jenny Hundertmark, Language Arts

Lisa Miller, Spanish

Stacy Parr, Science

Kelsey Saurralt, Religion

Jamie Valvano, Literature



Smiling Teachers

Danielle Altieri, IT Coordinator

Leigh Carter, Physical Education

Pam Daniels, Technology 

Ann Larson-Dyke, Music

Melanie Moravec, Art

Hillary Liles, Media Specialist

Bob Unger, Choir



Support Staff

Garett Nigg, Facilities Manager


Church Staff

Rev. Dr. Jonathan Blanke, Pastor

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To contact a faculty or staff member, you may email them directly or notify the school office at 919-851-7271 x30.