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Resurrection Lutheran School provides a learning environment that is academically rich for students in grades junior kindergarten through Grade 8.

Each day, students experience a very special kind of learning atmosphere that has continued to strengthen and grow since RLS opened in 2002. At RLS the teachers, administration, church staff and parents work together to plant seeds in the hearts and minds of our students through discipline, respect, guidance, encouragement, sound educational strategies and daily modeling of Christian love.

At RLS, we follow the North Carolina State Standards as a baseline while integrating national standards and extension activities. We place a high value on writing with a focus on both composition and intellectual depth. Our goal is to provide a rigorous core curriculum in the Lutheran tradition emphasizing the holistic development of the student (academic, social, emotional, physical, and spiritual). Students are prepared for “honors level” coursework in high school. While some RLS students choose a parochial high school, the majority of our students will matriculate into their local public high school.

Field trips, cultural arts programs, community service, differentiated classroom instruction, hands-on learning, collaboration, special activities, and a variety of extracurricular opportunities all contribute to a solid foundation in the elementary grades. In middle school, RLS provides for unique overnight travel opportunities, academic competitions, clubs, athletic teams, chorus, band, drama, and various leadership opportunities.